DEATHRIDERS has posted a second new song available for streaming on

DEATHRIDERS new album “Back With A Vengeance” is currently being
recorded and mixed by Ken Orth at Alpine Sound in
Mesa, Arizona.

Riders Of The Apocalypse [Rough Mix] is a new song from DEATHRIDERS
forthcoming album “Back With A Vengeance”. All Words and Music by Neil
Turbin. DEATHRIDERS have already been performing the song live in
Europe, Japan and the US. Riders Of The Apocalypse features the kick
ass guitars of Swedish Power guitarist Jonas Hornqvist of the band Treasure Land in
collaboration with DEATHRIDERS also featuring DEATHRIDERS guitarists
Dave Watson and Mike Guerrero.


Neil Turbin – Vocals
Sandy K. Vasquez – Bass
Chris Moore – Drums
Dave Watson – Guitar
Mike Guerrero – Guitar

DEATHRIDERS is fronted by the first powerhouse vocalist of Thrash:
Neil Turbin along with Sandy K. Vasquez (Last Rites, Bloodlust), Chris
Moore (Orcus, VVSI), Dave Watson (Hirax, Streetkiller) and Mike
Guerrero (Hellion, Michael Angelo).

Upcoming DEATH RIDERS “Back With A Vengeance” tour dates include:
10/4/2008 Mesa, AZ The Cell Block/Papillion’s II – Metalheadfest II
w/Agent Steel
10/25/2008 San Marcos, CA The Jumping Turtle w/Into Eternity


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