Deathrider Dave Annual update!

Deathrider Dave at home - Axeslinger for Deathriders

Deathrider Dave at home - Axeslinger for Deathriders

Deathrider Dave Annual update!

Ok, been a year now, guess I have something to write about!

Latest; Deathriders got a new drummer! Al “I refuse to rehearse” Bundy decided to extricate himself with a couple gigs pending (thanks dude!) and my good friend Davy Chedrick stepped in at the last minute and did a fine job. He is a rockin’ machine! I missed playing with him in Hirax dearly, and now we are back!

Gear; I just bought a black ’91 Gibson Explorer, “it’s what I always wanted!” from a character in SFV named Brian. He has a killer band called Judge Jackson. He was very trusting and put up with some grief to get his money for which I owe him big! Thanks Brian, the guitar is SWEEEEET! The search continues for a noise gate to tame the wolves and snakes from the JVM and ceramic pkup guitars. Any suggestions are appreciated! The other new axe is a black LTD EC400, a nice small guitar for taking on the airplane. Renee got it in top shape and the diMarzios he put in sound great.

Deathriders in Europe; Hell yeah! We are going to Deutschland. Signed up for Headbangers Open Air and a two night gig in St. Pauli. We are also likely headed to Stockholm for a show or two, gonna be badass! Prost! Skul!

We are now handled by Intense management here in Los Angeles, they put us on some great gigs at the Tattoo Expo at Pomona Fairplex, Bernie’s sports bar in Fullerton, and Angel’s sports bar in Corona. Jose has been great helping out at the gigs and Brandt has made great strides for the band’s profile here in town.

Aregato Tokyo; Tokyo was killer! We had the best time, and met some awesome people; Yoshi from Blood Sabbath, our terrific host, Atsushi of Passkey guitars, the Metal God of Tokyo and a killer luthier, Kay, babysitter extraordinaire (thanks again dude!) and Uki, the rockin’ journo and translator. The food there is outstanding and the crowds are so appreciative, I spent more time signing stuff than playing! doh!

Alright, that’s it for now!



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