DEATHRIDERS first report and 100’s of Photos from ROCKTOWER FESTIVAL 2009 Lübeck, Germany – Posted Online!

Hey all you Metal Thrashers,

Back from the first ever ROCKTOWER FESTIVAL 2009 in Lübeck, Germany.   What a blast!  It was an honor to share the stage with one of my heroes the legendary PAUL DIANNO twice,  at the pre-party and at ROCKTOWER.  PAUL DIANNO is not only a great singer with a truly distinctive style and sound all his own, but a humble and very cool  person.  Cool to meet up with old friends FIREWIND and BULLET who we’ve played before at Sweden Rock Festival  2006.  Also got to watch a little of PAUL DIANNO who sounded great!, STONE COLD BLACK who totally kicked ass!, FIREWIND who were also very strong, but did a cover of an 80’s song She’s A Maniac – which we all thought was a little weird!  KORPLIKAANI who sounded like Finnish Vikings – ENSIFERUM who were fearless and fucking tight! Not my brand, but much respect! They killed it!!!! In a pagan metal way. HAGGARD who had an orchestra and opera singers.  The festival was a diverse blend of great bands that all kicked fucking ass! It was actually the most interesting combination of bands that we ever played with. We were glad to be there to represent the Old School! The best was hanging with our friends Dirk Hormann and Korea Black of Stone Cold Black who were the most fun and old school metal!  We look forward to returning “Back With A Vengeance”  to Germany in July on our  tour which will take us to the Headbanger’s Open Air 2009 and Nightmare Over St. Pauli Festival before Wacken.  Special thanks to Steffi and Tennessee from HOA for filming, shooting and hanging with us and Jens whose restaurant Dirk took us to and had our first Dunkel and Weiss beer of the trip at 9:00am in the morning, who were all really great to us.   It tasted fucking good after the plane ride!  Me and Dave Chedrick played some intense chess for most of the flight.  He was ready for a rematch on the way home!  New nickname for DEATHRIDERS guitarist Dave Watson “Schnitzel Man”!  and famous quote of the tour goes to Dirk at the afterparty at PIRANHA BAR in Lübeck after many many cocktails: I BUY THIS FUCKING BAR!!!!  Thank you Dirk and Korea for the making the GREATEST party ever!!!!  We come back in Juli 2009!  So let’s kill some goats for Satan!!!!

Stay Thrashing!!!!

/Neil T


3 Responses to “DEATHRIDERS first report and 100’s of Photos from ROCKTOWER FESTIVAL 2009 Lübeck, Germany – Posted Online!”

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  3. Neil / Deathriders I like your sound. I live in San Francisco can you play here San Francisco, California (North of Whittier about 550 miles) I do want to see you and your band so play here I don’t drive or commute that far because of the recession driving is too much of an expense. Going to concerts isn’t if it is in SF. Thanks Deathriders and here is my project check me out. commercial music: Double click my link below Deathriders rock !! \m/

    Thanks here is my link above (music for TV and Films) TK-Fastest

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