DEATHRIDERS Double Vengeance 2009 European Tour VIDEOS & PHOTOS – Back With A Vengeance and Schnitzel Thrashing Mad!!!!

DEATH RIDERS recently returned back from their Double Vengeance 2009 European Tour with a string of very successful shows at Headbanger’s Open Air 2009, headlining the HOA 2009 After Party at Ballroom Hamburg and 2 shows at the Nightmare Over St. Pauli Festival at Knust Club.  DEATH RIDERS would like to say a huge THANK YOU it was a BLAST and an HONOR for us to Thomas, Jürgen, Steffi, Tennessee, Korea, Dirk, Marjo, Carl Canedy, MAC, Carsten (HellDriver), Neudi & Strike on , Danny B., Jens, Big Eddy, Rotter, Wool, Matt McCourt and a big THRASHING GREETZ!!!!to all the fans and to our comrades-all the great killer bands we played with in Germany! Keep supporting the greatest true old school metal festivals on the planet: Headbanger’s Open Air and Keep It True.

DEATH RIDERS have just signed with Marjo Verdooren and Metal Revelation for Worldwide Band Promotion.

Check out audience filmed footage of our performance at HOA 2009 at this location and 80+ photos from HOA 2009, Ballroom Hamburg and the sold out Nightmare Over Hamburg’s Harbour Boat Cruise.

More Vengeance to come!!!! Stay Thrashing!!!! Mega-PROST!!!!

Neil T, Tapping Ninja Mike, Schnitzelman Dave, Sandy K. and Ched


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