Dave Chedrick helps DEATH RIDERS to Keep Marching!!!!

Hot Flashes

DEATHRIDERS Part Ways With Drummer, HIRAX / ANGER AS ART’s Dave Chedrick Steps In For Live Shows

Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 05:57:24 EST

On January 24th HIRAX / ANGER AS ART drummer Dave Chedrick (Anger As Art, Hirax) stepped in with only two days notice to play with DEATHRIDERS in Corona, CA. The band has issued the following update:

“Dave Chedrick has played with Dave Watson (guitars) for a couple of years in Hirax and afterwards jammed a couple of times along with the other Hirax members (Angelo Espino, Dave Watson, Glenn Rogers) that split from Hirax back in 2006 before joining Anger As Art. Chris Moore had played drums with Deathriders up until last week’s sold out gig with Michael Angelo Batio at The Black Castle in Los Angeles. Deathriders and Chris Moore have separated so Chris could pursue more of an alternative/nu-metal/hard rock direction. Deathriders all wish him the best! Dave Chedrick stepped up to the plate with only two days notice to help us keep marching and keep live commitments for the January 24th show at Angel’s Sports Bar in Corona, CA and January 30th at Relax Bar in Hollywood, CA.

Deathriders are also scheduled to play St. Valentines Day Thrash Massacre at The Jumping Turtle in San Marcos, CA on February 14th.”


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