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DeathRiders ® Official Website – Store Launched

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DeathRiders ® Official Website – Store Launched
DeathRiders ® Official Merchandise Here

DeathRiders Longsleeve Front

DeathRiders Longsleeve Back

DeathRiders Workshirt Back

DeathRiders Workshirt Front

DeathRiders T-Shirt1 Front

DeathRiders T-Shirt Back



DeathRiders Featuring Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin Unleash “The Metal Beast is Back” Tour

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DeathRiders Featuring Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin Unleash “The Metal Beast is Back” Tour


Power thrash metallers DeathRiders, fronted by original Big 4 “Screamin’ Demon” of thrash, Neil Turbin, have just confirmed a US Tour aptly titled ‘The Metal Beast is Back’. The tour starts in July and will see the band headlining the world famous iconic Whisky a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles on July 21 as well as returning to the Bay Area to headline the Oakland Metro Opera House on August 10, along with dates on the East Coast in Maryland, and the South West in Arizona with more to be announced soon.

According to the studio staff at a recent DeathRiders rehearsal at Hollywood’s Swing House Studios, “the band sounded fast and heavy with strong old school “Fistful Of Metal” vocals which caught the attention of Steven Tyler (Aerosmith, American Idol).” In an even further testament to the ‘molten metal’ performance given by the band even at a simple rehearsal, Tyler who had been listening outside the studio, came into the rehearsal room unannounced and stayed to watch the band perform their track “Give Em Hell” and was witnessed head banging along the whole time.

The band is currently working on their forthcoming debut full length studio album titled “The Metal Beast Is Alive” which is being recorded at Blue Pacific Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
DeathRiders is Neil Turbin – Vocals (Ex.Anthrax), Seb Agini –
Guitar (Ex.Axecutor-Sofia, Bulgaria), Sean Elg – Drums (Nihilist-San
Diego, California), Arnold Gonzalez – Guitar, Michael Lopez – Bass.

Tour dates are as follows, more TBA:

7/14/2012 Sam Ash Music, Cerritos, CA FREE Show ALL AGES
7/21/2012 Whisky a Go-Go, W. Hollywood, CA ALL AGES
8/10/2012 Oakland Metro Operahouse Oakland, CA ALL AGES
8/25/2012 House Of Metal, Malones Bar & Grill, Santa Ana, CA
12/08/2012 910 Live, Tempe, AZ ALL AGES
Baltimore, MD (date TBA)

Neil Turbin is currently available for press interviews, please contact if your outlet would like to set something up.


DeathRiders Fistful Of Metal Alive en Mexico Expo Rock Tijuana 2011

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DeathRiders Fistful Of Metal Alive en Mexico Expo Rock Tijuana 2011
Vivo en Tijuana MX 7/3/2011 Avenida Revolucion Calle 8
Welcome to the Wrecking Ball

DeathRiders announce Stay Screamin’ 2011 European Tour

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DeathRiders announce Stay Screamin’ 2011 European Tour
(feat. Neil Turbin Original Voice of Anthrax)
Fistful Of Metal Alive Europe

6/5/2011 Highway to DOKK’EM Open Air Popodium Romein – Leeuwarden, NL
7/5/2011 Metal Bash Open Air Schiesssport Anlage – Neu Wulmstorf, DE
9/5/2011 Little Devil Rawk ‘N’ Roll Cafe Stationsstraat 27 – Tilburg, NL
10/5/2011 Bastard Club Buersche Str.8 49074 Osnabrück- Osnabrück, DE
12/5/2011 Escape Metal Corner Neustiftgasse 116-118 A-1070 – Wien, AT
14/5/2011 The Ace Rock & Metal Club Hochstraße 46 – Berlin, DE
More Dates TBA

DEATHRIDERS replace headliners CAGE at Expo ROCK Tijuana 2010, MX – Saturday, 6/19/2010 at 11:00pm

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DEATHRIDERS California Screamin’ 2010 Tour en Revolucion, Tijuana, MX
DEATHRIDERS is replacing headliners CAGE at Expo ROCK Tijuana 2010, MX – Saturday, 6/19/2010 at 11:00pm

la av Revolucion Calle 8 Tijuana, MX Get Ready To Thrash en Mexico!!!!
DEATHRIDERS are Back With A Vengeance en Mexico!!!!

My Hero and Inspiration, Ronnie James Dio: The Mightiest Voice in Heavy Metal

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As a teenager,  I got to witness the Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult Concert live! at the Nassau Colosseum (actual concert they recorded the Black and Blue Film) in 1980.  I was knocked back in my seat by the power of Ronnie James Dio’s vocals and the the sound of Black Sabbath combined with the visual of giant crosses and flames lighting up the arena and explosive pyrotechnics echoing throughout!    I did see the amazing KISS Alive II tour at Madison Square Garden in 1978, but  I had never witnessed anything as powerful and heavy as Ronnie Dio singing Heaven and Hell in 1980.  I even got to see Blizzard of Ozz and meet Ozzy and the incredible Randy Rhoads in Def Leppard ‘s dressing room when they were introducing themselves, but my first and most distinctive concert memory was the power and the fury that was emanating from Ronnie and Black Sabbath.  I had always perked up when I heard Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio singing on the radio or at a friends house.  Ronnie James Dio’s mighty soaring vocals stood out above any other vocalist period.  As they say good things come in small packages.  In Ronnie’s case, he had such a consistent super powerful voice with great tone, poise, stage persona, charisma and ultimate confidence.  Ronnie James Dio: The King of Heavy Metal.

Through my association of working with Dio keyboardist Claude Schnell from 1996 to 1999 on his solo material/project, I had the opportunity to meet Ronnie James Dio for the first time at Vinny Appice’s birthday party at a Mexican restaurant in Northridge, CA.  It was a dream come true and a great honor for me, that Ronnie was so personable and down to earth, but even went out of his way to buy me a drink when Claude told Ronnie that I was singing for him at the time.  I later went with Claude to see Dio perform at the Galaxy Theater with Tracy G.  I told Claude that nothing could top the Dio The Last in Line Tour concert I saw in Paris in 1984, except that Black and Blue concert in 1980.   I also told this to Vinny when we went to his house later that night after his birthday party.

In 2004 I met RJD and Craig Goldy backstage at Scorpions/Whitesnake at Universal Ampitheater and Ronnie remembered me.  Unlike the NAMM shows where Ronnie is always mobbed signing autographs and I never really had the chance to speak with him there.  This time was different.  I told Ronnie that I saw many of his great performances including a show at the Greek Theatre when Anthrax was opening as I was walking in from the parking lot.  I couldn’t believe that the place was more than half empty for Anthrax and less than 3/4 full for a Dio concert, but that didn’t matter, Dio still roared and commanded the stage.  I told Ronnie that I was amazed by his stage presence and persona, not just his great voice.  Then I asked Ronnie: What exactly are you thinking about when you are on that stage?  Ronnie looked at me straight in the eyes with pure tenacity and said to me “That’s MY Stage!!!!”  I’ll never forget that look that Ronnie gave me when he told me this and the honest talent and confidence that he possessed.  Ronnie wasn’t about ego, he was real people, with no BS.  I will always remember Ronnie not only for his soaring voice and his medievel lyrics and great visual imagery, but for his great spirit and honest persona.  Ronnie was not afraid to tell it like it is, but he was a true gentleman and had great class.  I was blessed with the opportunity to know Ronnie James Dio personally and he was a wonderful person, who was willing to be completely honest with me and share his knowledge and experience.  For that I have a deep respect for him for the way he treated me.  Ronnie James Dio was a true four star General of Rock Royalty. Ronnie James Dio was to Heavy Metal what Elvis was to Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!  Ronnie James Dio is The King Of Heavy Metal!!!!

My sincere condolences and support to Wendy Dio, Rock Feinstein and to Ronnie’s family and friends for your great loss.  Ronnie, Thank you for rocking hard til the end!  You are the true Hero of Heavy Metal! and an inspiration to us all for generations!!!!

Farewell DIO Great King Of Heavy Metal,

/Neil T

RIP Ronnie James Dio 1942-2010

DEATHRIDERS feature interview in RockinforM Magazine, Hungary March 2010 issue on Newsstands Now!

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RockinforM Magazine Hungary March 2010 Issue – 2 Page Feature DEATH RIDERS Interview                               


– Neil, thank you for agreeing to do this interview! Can you give readers a little background on yourself? Has music always been so important for you?

One day when I was thirteen, ice hockey suddenly became less important and music took its place. I started playing in my first band The NEWRACE, performing at venues such as CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City and Great Gildersleeve’s at fifteen. Then after The NEWRACE broke-up, I joined a band called AMRA in 1982, which was a progressive metal/hard rock band. I had 5 years of writing songs and playing clubs in NYC before I eventually joined Anthrax in the Summer of 1982.

– Who do you think your biggest influences are musically?

Growing up in NYC, I was a big fan of Accept, Riot, Saxon, Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, KISS, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and of course great metal vocalists like Dio, Halford, DiAnno and Dickinson. They really inspired me in the early eighties.  Nowadays I also listen to bands such as Hibria, Nocturnal Rites, Kreator, Destruction and too many other great bands to list.

– You were the first powerhouse vocalist of thrash metal and original lead singer of Anthrax. How did you get hooked up with Anthrax in 1982? Overall, how would you describe your time as a member of Anthrax? Do you look back on it all with a certain fondness?

Scott Rosenfeld called me in response to a month old ad I placed in a local music paper and I told him I was unavailable at that time.   After leaving the band Amra, I called Scott back a month later, to see if they still had no singer. I met with Scott Rosenfeld and Danny Lilker first,  then jammed with the entire band including members Greg Walls (Guitar) and Dave Weiss (Drums) and joined the band a couple of days later.

In my two years with Anthrax, I helped to pioneer Thrash Metal during the “Groundbreaking Era” of the band.  I helped put Anthrax on the metal map with “Fistful Of Metal” and the first North American Tour.  My songs were on the first three albums and many subsequent re-recordings and greatest hits releases.

I don’t look back, I only look forward!!!!  I have no nostalgic feelings whatsoever about Anthrax.  I have a lot of good memories of the rabid metal fans who got to experience Thrash Metal for the first time.

– You penned such songs as Metal Thrashing Mad, Armed and Dangerous, and Deathrider. How does it feel to know that these songs have defined a genre and are now regarded as classics?

When I created the ideas for these songs, I knew exactly what they were. I was compelled from within to write them and I’m glad that metal fans appreciate them the way that I do. I am aware of the fact that DEATHRIDERS songs will always be compared to these Metal Anthems, but I’m the same person who wrote them and will always continue to write METAL THRASHING!!!! songs in the same vein.

– Why were you fired from the band only after two years?

I hung in there for as long as humanly possible.  After we went out on the road twice in 1984, the other members of the band and the management formed a coup against me, therefore making it impossible to continue to work together.   They couldn’t deal with the fact that I was getting a lot more attention than they were comfortable with.  Charlie Benante and Scott Rosenfeld insisted on pushing the songwriting in a totally different direction and I stood my ground when I was writing Armed And Dangerous and Gung Ho.  That’s part of the reason we had to separate.

– Are you still in contact with some of your former Anthrax pals? What do you think about the vocalists changes they went through nowadays?

Actually yes, the original Anthrax lead guitarist Greg Walls recently contacted me on his trip out to Winter NAMM 2010. About their vocalist changes… it’s not what I think about it, it’s what the fans think about it.

– In 2003 you made a great solo album called “Threatcon Delta”. Could you tell us about this please?

I signed a record deal with Metal Mayhem in August 2001 to record my first solo album “Threatcon Delta”.  The songs were a combined effort of myself and different collaborators.  It gave me the opportunity to play with some great musician friends that I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for.

– Deathriders is named after one of your songs and was formed in 2003 to support your solo album “Threatcon Delta”. Is Deathriders only a solo project or a real band?

Of course DEATHRIDERS is a real band!!!! We did 25 shows last year in 2009 including Germany twice on our “Double Vengeance European Tour” and toured Japan and the US together in 2008 as well as Sweden Rock, Monterrey Metal Fest, Thrash Against Cancer and Rocklahoma.  DEATHRIDERS has been touring together for over 5 years. We are currently recording our debut album “Back With A Vengeance”.  The band and I are collaborating with one of the top guitarists in Sweden, Jonas Hornqvist of the band Treasure Land on songwriting and recording. We’ve also been playing the last three years with Michael Angelo Batio as a special guest on select dates. The name of the band is DEATHRIDERS for a reason.  It represents an important part of my history and THRASH METAL!!!!

– Please give us some details on the current lineup of Deathriders. How did you find these members and what have they added to the bands sound?

Sandy K. Vasquez (Bass) joined the band after we played Sweden Rock in 2006. Sandy brings a solid foundation and groove, and plays incredibly fast with his fingers that most others play with a pick.
Mike Guerrero (Guitar) is known as “Tapping Ninja”, joined DEATHRIDERS in 2007 before our Japan tour along with Dave Watson (Guitar). Both Mike and Dave bring a twin guitar attack and do justice to the metal thrashing madness that is DEATHRIDERS.
Dave Chedrick (Drums) joined us one year ago with his dynamic double bass and as a band we’ve played 25 concerts in 2009.
Collectively the band has brought a lot of old school experience with them and the hunger to stay thrashing.
For more detailed information on the band check out:

You guys are working on your debut album, right? How would you describe your debut album “Back With A Vengeance” musically?

DEATHRIDERS is a force to be reckoned with and we’re ready to thrash!!!! “Back With A Vengeance” picks up where “Fistful Of Metal” left off.

What record label will it be on? And maybe any word on a release date?

A few labels have already contacted us. When the album is fully recorded, mixed and mastered that’s when the final decision will be made. From the standpoint of negotiation it would be much stronger to have a finished product that is ready to go.  Before that point in time I’m not going to speculate. We’re as anxious as the fans are and we are making every possible effort to have our debut album come out as soon as possible. We are actively working on it.  The goal is to put out a remarkable Kick Ass Metal Album and not just another album.

– Please give the readers a preview of the new songs and thoughts.

Check out and give me YOUR thoughts on the new DEATHRIDERS songs which are already online.

– What was the songwriting process like? Can you tell us what you were going through during the writing of the album?

Most of the songs I’ve collaborated with Jonas Hornqvist and DEATHRIDERS on, and a couple of  songs I wrote the lyrics and music to all on my own, like “Riders Of The Apocalypse” and “Until We’re Dead or Motorhead”. Our focus is on an aggressive and intense thrashing album like “Fistful Of Metal” for the old school fans. The songtitles and lyrics deal with a number of very personal subjects: Screaming In My Head, Crimson Warrior, Give Em Hell, Bridges Will Burn.

– What’s your main goal with this CD?

Our main goal is to make a CD that will stay in your stereo or i-pod in constant rotation. We wanna put out an album that makes the fans happy and that will thrash like fistful of metal 2.

– Your voice sounds as tremendous as back in the day. It is flawless. How do you keep your voice in shape?

Once you get to a certain level as a vocalist and you’re really familiar with your instrument and how it works, you better understand the parameters and what it takes to warm up or have your voice in a more flexible state, so it is prepared to reach upper, middle and lower registers seamlessly. The most important thing for any vocalist is to have enough sleep and rest (8 hours) for the voice to repair itself.  On the road this is very hard to do, which makes it challenging even for the best there is.

How would you compare today with the heydays and the craziness of the 80’s. Was it much different than it is today? Was it more exciting back then?

The eighties were a challenging and exciting time of breaking new ground and pioneering thrash metal. Today it is even better since in 2009, DEATHRIDERS have played more shows than ever before and we’re not looking in the rear view mirror.  We just KEEP MARCHING ON!!!!

– Thanks for giving us some minutes for answering this exclusive interview. And finally, anything else you would like to add?

Keep the Metal Strong!!!! And Stay Thrashing!!!!

/Neil T